With LBE Toolbox for Microsoft Outlook you can:

  • Deduplicate ContactsCalendar ItemsMessages
  • Perform Find and Replace in Outlook items
  • Send multiple individual emails which you can schedule to repeat at any time you like.
  • Save space by stripping large attachments from email messages, Calendar Appointments and Tasks.
  • Tidy up Contacts’ name and address entries by removing double-spaces and proper-casing names (e.g. “john smith” becomes “John Smith”).
  • Remove spam without you ever having to see it.
  • Monitor up to four web-sites to make sure they are still running.

LBE Toolbox is an invaluable tool for anyone who uses MS Outlook  and you are free to try it out before you purchase. Each tool is separate, so you only need to download and purchase the ones you need.