How to identify good led light for your car

Led lights are the best option for your car. They might be expensive than the traditional car lights, but they have other advantages that you might not get from the traditional car lights. There are various led lights available for cars. The most important thing is to determine the features of the lights. You might not understand all the technical details when buying the lights, but there are a few guidelines that will help you in the process. Check out the 30 inch Rough Country LED light bar for sale. Here are features to check when buying led light for your car.

Features of good led lights

Light output

Led light is known for producing the pure white light that illuminates all the corners when driving at night. However, you need to know that the light output is not the same with all the red lights. You need to choose a led light that produces quality light. The quality of light is usually measured in lumens, and this is the guideline when making a choice. Any led light above 6000K is good quality and will be able to provide good quality light when driving at night.



You need to consider the lifespan of the light bars or bulbs when making a choice. Some lights will go up to 50,000 hours, and this guarantees you that you get value for your money. The longer the lifespan of the lights the better it is for you. A higher lifespan translates to higher cost when buying the lights. Most of the bulbs have a lifespan of 30,000 hours, and this is a reasonable time for the light bulbs.

Cooling fan

Good led lights should come with a cooling the fan. The role of a cooling fan is to make sure that the lights do not get too hot when they are on for a long time. The cooling fan will also help in increasing the lifespan of the led light. Always make sure that the led light that you buy has a cooling fan to avoid the bulbs from getting hot.


Rigid exterior

The led lights should have a rigid exterior to make sure that you protect the lights from vibration. If you have a car that is being driven off-road, then the vibration of the car is likely to compromise the strength of the led lights. The led lights should be reinforced with a rigid casing for protection when driving off-road.